Recycling Information

Georgetown encourages residents to recycle!  Below are some guidelines as to what can be recycled.

Newspapers (and everything that comes in the newspaper)
Flattened corrugated cardboard
Chipboard (cereal boxes)
Aluminum, steel, tin or bi metal cans
Glass bottles and containers
Copy paper, junk mail, catalogs, manila folders
#1 and #2 plastic containers


Two types of plastic are able to be recycled.  They will have the following symbols on the bottom of the containers.  Remove all caps and rings from the containers.  NO STYROFOAM, PLASTIC SALAD/FRUIT CONTAINERS, BLACK MICROWAVE TRAYS OR PLASTIC PLATES ARE RECYCLABLE.

PET – Usually clear and green soda-type bottles
HDPE – Milk, water or detergent bottles.


Clear, green or brown unbroken glass jars, bottles, and jugs that contained food or beverages.  PLEASE NO WINDOW, DOOR OR AUTO GLASS.  Labels do not have to be removed.


Aluminum cans, tin cans, or bi-metal cans that container food or beverages.  Labels do not have to be removed.


Newspapers, envelopes, copy paper, corrugated cardboard, chip board, manila folders are all acceptable.  NO PIZZA BOXES ARE ACCEPTABLE.  DO NOT BUNDLE PAPER PRODUCTS WITH TWINE, TAPE OR STRING.